Born in New Jersey

Lives & works in New York


I am exploring the universal themes of the relationships we have in life: partner to partner, parent to child, individual in triumph and crisis, groups in good times and challenging times. My vision of this is grounded in my own narrative and informed by nature and emotion. I am focused on the magic I can sense in my connections to others and the greater world. I believe these threads are the most important things that weave our lives together to make the story of who we are. I am using texture, mark making and color to explore the temperature of the scenario while using silhouettes to find the minimal core of these experiences. In this sense, the figure is stripped down to a representation of the physical essence of the person.


I use customized printmaking techniques combined with acrylic painting and inks on canvas, wood and paper to explore these themes.    

I spend my time making art, working in a therapeutic art setting,

making music and along with my husband, raising our 2 children.


New York University

MA - Art Therapy 2006

Rutgers University

BA - Art 1993